Design Adventure Stories ~ Providence, Rhode Island

The Excellent Wonder Box

200 Years Ago ~ RI Women Changed the World for Good

By AB Marcus

"Excellent Wonder Box"

That's what it said.

Carved in old English letters with the date "1636" inscribed on the wood.

It was a small golden and wooden box a little larger than a shoe box.

Bryana and Samantha - we'll call her "Sam" - quickly realized the huge potential of this strange box they found when they renovated their George C. Arnold office building at 100 Washington St in DownCity.

That office is an architectural anomaly - three stories tall and 13 feet wide. It's Providence's own rectangular version of the New York City flat iron building. It's interesting that the Arnold family and their clever building were founding settlers of the Colony of Rhode Island.

A very curious box, found in a very strange building owned by an Original Providence family, who were the first 13 settlers of Providence. Yes, the building is exactly 13 feet wide, one foot for every original Providence settler! Just a fascinating fact or is it something even more...

You see, until today, for more than three years, Bryana and Sam's graphic design business in downtown Providence Rhode Island wasn't really making it.

Today, however, to their complete surprise, "The Excellent Wonder Box" became an instant hit and they were blessed with a degree of success they had never experienced before at their peculiar design office. The curiosity in this relic with Rhode Island's founding date took the public by storm.

But soon, the amount of attention they get from customers and the media from TV news spots, podcasts and Providence Journal newspaper articles became overwhelming - how to explain their success and how to explain to the public the real secrets of this Excellent Wonder Box. They both became very anxious and confused about their recent celebrity.

Neither did they know that their "Excellent Wonder Box" has a will of its own.

This odd box, this relic from 1636 Providence, immediately, instantaneously and incredibly manipulates design and innovation in time and space around it. It transports Bryana and Sam, in a wink, to London, Paris, and then Beijing - each time for exactly 12 minutes and :35 seconds then hurtling the two to a new time and place. 

With each new visit they see the innovative designs, shapes and colors and textures from every time and place they land. And as fast as they record an original concept, off to the next place and design and creative innovation.

Aware of the danger they could now face, they try to find some way to avoid getting lost in time and space. Sam works out the coordinates and calculates a formula to bring them back to the present.

However, Bryana realizes they must always stay close to the "Excellent Wonder Box" within its energy field in order to return to each time and place they've encountered.

This "Excellent Wonder Box" with it's strange new power... will they learn to master the art and design of time-travel and make the most out of this new-found ability? Or will they get lost in quantum dimensions?

After countless close calls and narrow escapes, Bryana and Sam eventually land at the Slater Mill in Pawtucket Rhode Island on May 25th 1824. This is on the eve of the first factory strike EVER in the United States - led by one hundred and two, young women, mill workers.

With no way out and tension building for the early morning strike, Bryana and Sam attempt to hide the box in the deepest corner of the Slater Mill. Three time-cops who became aware of their dimensional warping were already there waiting for them ready to stop their timeline entangling.

However, just as three time-cops are about to take the Excellent Wonder Box away, a strange golden violet light radiates. Suddenly, it's the next day May 26th - outside the Slater Mill - crowded with striking mill workers protesting at the gate - dressed in 19th Century clothes - all the weaving machines silent. but the crowd at full throttle, with chants and loud noises. Rocks thrown. Shattered glass!

Just then, a woven tarp lying against the mill wall comes to life, and the 'Excellent Wonder Box' appears out of thin air.

The time-cops, in a fit of rage, try to take the Excellent Wonder Box by force, but are engulfed in a sparkling fog.

The golden violet light fades away.

When the dust settles, the time-cops are gone and the 'Excellent Wonder Box' returns to Bryana and Sam's hands back in the present.

The Slater Mill becomes eerily quiet again as Bryana and Sam watched their Fantastic Wonder Box stunned with Amazement at what they had seen and heard and. now, know.

Before them was presented an opportunity neither of them could have imagined to tell this story of the first ever triumph of women working together to make a better design, and a better life. 

Just then a robotic, woman's voice, rang out from the box: “The power of the 'Excellent Wonder Box' is yours. Use it wisely. "Good design is Everything!" she exclaimed.

So, Bryana and Sam took the 'Excellent Wonder Box' with them and their design business enjoyed a whole different kind of Success in Providence, overcoming challenges with ease and finding joy in every creative design adventure life took them on.

They'll always remember that morning at the Slater Mill, how women turned the tide of the world. Exactly two hundred years ago - one hundred and two Rhode Island Women, Changed the World Forever. for Good!

Better design always leads to a better world, and Bryana and Sam realize it.

Whether it was luck, fate, or something else, they were grateful. Yes. The Excellent Wonder Box is always packed for another adventure with Splendorous Exacting Excellent Wonder ... and that..."Good Design Is, indeed, EVERYTHING!"

The End.



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"Excellent Wonder Box" ~ 1636

The Peculiar 100

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